United Arab Emirates Becomes Member of the ACCP

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The UAE, represented by the Ministry of Interior, has joined the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police (ACCP). The announcement came following the decision received by the Police Attach at the UAE Embassy in Washington, indicating that the UAE Police Attach has joined the Association.

The mission of the Association of Caribbean Police Commissioners (ACCP) is to combat corruption and provide leadership to combat criminal activities, contribute to further development of law enforcement in the region, promote best practices in the field of policing, develop professional and technical skills for police officers, share common services, training, forensic analysis and research.

(ACCP) aims to influence the development of laws and procedures to enhance the effectiveness of regional police. The organization is also working to enhance regional cooperation in combating criminal activities and sharing police data across the organization and its slogan, United Against Crime. 

See: https://www.moi.gov.ae/en/media.center/news/122801.aspx