The Core Values of the ACCP

 Our Values

 The ACCP has also adopted the under-mentioned core values which embodies its ideals and philosophy:

  1. Commitment to Quality Service – creating  an ethos of quality service delivery to all clients.
  2. Collaboration and Co-operation – acknowledging the benefits of utilizing greater team-work and co-operation for more efficient and effective law enforcement.
  3. Professional and Ethical Standards – striving for efficiency and effectiveness while maintaining a keen sense of fairness and integrity
  4. Community Partnership – continually seeking the support and consent of the community for policing activities.
  5. Respect for Human Rights – engendering protection for the fundamental rights of every individual regardless of age, sex ethnicity, religious belief or social status.
  6. Gender and Cultural Sensitivity – recognizing and respecting gender and cultural differences and the sensibilities associated with such differences.