Winners - (2017) Regional Recognition Awards Programme

The winners for the 2017 Regional Recognition Awards Programme are:

Top Caribbean Career Move:

Ronald Phillip St Lucia
Superintendent Ronald Phillip,
St. Lucia
ACP Atlee Rodney Antigua
First Runner-Up    
Assistant Commissioner Atlee Rodney,
Antigua and Barbuda
ASP Clint Arthur Trinidad
Second Runner-Up
Inspector Clint Arthur,
Trinidad and Tobago


Top Caribbean Crime Fighter:

Supt McDonald Jacob Trinidad
Superintendent Mc Donald Jacob,
Trinidad and Tobago
Detective Asst Supt Mitchell Ceasar Guyana
First Runner- Up    
Superintendent Mitchell Ceasar,
Cpl Alvin Prosper St Lucia
Second Runner-Up 
Corporal Alvin Prospere,
St. Lucia


Top Caribbean Community Police Officer:

PC Jonathan Kern Cayman
Constable Jonathan Kern,
Cayman Islands
ASP Oswain Subero Trinidad
First Runner- Up    
Assistant Superintendent
Oswain Subero,
Trinidad and Tobago
Mr Henry KIA Suriname
Second Runner-Up 
Deputy Inspector Henry Kia,


Amalgamated Security Services and the ACCP congratulate the Winners and runners-up in the 2017 Regional Recognition Awards Programme!

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